How to Reduce Exposure to Toxic Dust Inside Your House

How to Reduce Exposure to Toxic Dust Inside Your House.

Intro: Dust is one of the main constituent of indoor air pollution. Dust does not merely constitutes the soil from the outside environment, it constitutes of several kinds of organic and natural compounds which can drastically damage the organs or can create respiratory problems among the residents. Gases such as carbon monoxide, Ozone etc. reduces the quality as well as quantity of the breathable Oxygen in the atmosphere inside the house and regular exposure to particles such as asbestos can lead to production of lung cancer in the body.

How to Reduce Exposure to Toxic Dust Inside Your House

According to studies it has been resulted out that people spend 90% of their inside their homes and most of them are even unaware of the drastic effects of indoor air pollution can cause to them. In recent years patients of asthma or other respiratory problems have increased abruptly and this is all because of exposure to the dust particles inside their house.

How to reduce dust inside your house:

No matter how clean your house is looking right now but there is a very good chance that you probably is inhaling these toxic particles right now. It is not possible to completely eliminate the presence of dust in your house but if you read thoroughly you possibly find quick steps you can perform to retain better environment in your house:

  • Use centralized air purifiers: Air purifier uses very advanced technology to clean your house to the maximum. They not only trap the particles but also are very reliable in removing the odor from the surroundings as well. Centralized air purifier are tend to install to your forced air duct system and are compatible in cleaning more air than portable air purifiers.
  • Control dust level in your house: Though it seems inexplicable to control quantity of dust entering your house but it is possible through few preventive methods such as:
  1. Do not wear shoes inside the house.
  2. Vacuum twice in a week.
  3. Use micro-fiber cloth or mop to clean house.
  4. Do not use toxic components to clean house such as ammonia which is used in manufacturing of house cleaning detergents.
  • Maintain Humidity: Humid environment provide best living atmosphere for molds to grow in. If you have leakage problems or any place which remains humid or wet all the time, it is time for you to get them fixed. Molds spores cannot only kick off asthma attacks but can also cause many skin allergies. You can use humidifier to maintain humidity in your house to control the production of molds in your house.
  • Do no smoke inside the house: If you think that smoking affects only to the smoker then you are totally wrong. Second- hand smoke, the smoke which is remained in the room after active smoker is done can cause more drastic affects than regular smoking. Second hand smoke not just causes lung cancer but can also lead to several skin problems which happen due to smoking. Second hand smoke can severely damage the tissues of children in the house way quickly than an adult.
  • Get test results for your house: There are several test which are performed on a building before the owner moves in to the house to provide better idea about the inside living conditions of the house. You must get your house checked for radon or asbestos as they can directly damage your brain tissues from constant exposure.


Presence of dust particles can raise various types of physical and mental problems among the residents. It has been believed that dust particles do only compromises with the decoration of your house but indulgence of chemical components has made dust bigger enemy than any other pollutants in the house. Air purifiers are very good alternative to regular cleaning of your house to get relief from dust and allergens and with automatic sensors they can regulate the electricity as per their requirements to save more than consumption.

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