Is dust in the home a sign of bad air quality

Is dust in the home a sign of bad air quality

Over the years it has been believed that main constituents of dust are only the soil particles from outside environment. According to a recent study soils particles are not the only constituent of dust, dust consists of several kinds of organic and chemical particles and the most alerting fact about these particles is that you might possible be inhaling them while you are sleep. These dust particles can not only cause skin allergies but can also directly damage the respiratory organs once inhaled.

Is dust in the home a sign of bad air quality

The size of dust particles could be much smaller than 1.0 microns and it makes it more difficult to eliminate their presence from indoor air. These dust particles has played very crucial part in increasing the patient of asthma or several other chronic respiratory problems. Idea of installing a best air purifier for smoke could provide you relief from the odor as well as from the pollutants too.

Constituent of air pollution:

While soil has always been one of the major constituents in the dust but due to presence of several other particles such as second – hand smoke, gases and micro organisms which travel in the environment with flow of air has increased the danger of regular exposure of a person to them, even inside the house. There is carbon monoxide which is released during the burning of coal and could be presence of asbestos already in the house whose exposure can directly lead to lung cancer. Modern building techniques have also reduced the chances of better ventilation which has further worsened the situation.

There are several authorities such as American Lung cancer and EPA’s Indoor Environment Division who responsible to conduct regular research to provide better education or knowledge about the environmental issues. American Lung Association is one of the largest voluntary health organizations who in collaboration with IQAir provide the best air purifier for smoke and dust to provide better living conditions to those who are already suffering from lung problems.

Sources for Dust particles:

Due to vast range of dust particles almost everything around or inside your house is considered as the source of pollution or dust. Whether it is combustion chamber or damp carpets in your house, almost everything either traps these particles in them or generates dust particles. The broken and released parts of plants and animals, stuffed material from mattresses, human dead skin cells from human as well as from pets and even particles or gases released during burning of coal all are considered as constituents of dusts.

Improving Indoor air Quality:

Improving air quality is very important and to have better results, the main source of dust particle or other major problem such as molds should be keep in mind and necessary steps should be taken to narrow down their quantity from the air inside your house. You can keep in mind below mentioned tip to maintain or to improve the Indoor Air Quality:

  • If the room is not properly ventilated avoid the use aerosols and similar kind of products as they may release small particles in the air.
  • Try to wear rubber gloves, full- sleeved shirts, pants and mask as well while you cleaning the house.
  • Regularly check and clean refrigeration equipments to make sure that air intake and exhaust systems are working properly.
  • Control humidity and fix any leakage so that no extra humidity could be established in your house.
  • Use air purifier to clean your house more efficiently or better.
  • Use good quality vacuum bags for cleaning and change them regularly.
  • Always remember to clean the source producing any sort of pungent odor.
  • Reduce use of Chimney or burning of wood inside the house.
  • Regularly change and wash bedding.
  • Beat the carpets, mats and cushions outside house so that particles get de-attached outside the house.


Even though dust particles are commonly present inside and outside your house but regardless of their size they can drastically damage the health of a living organism whether it is you, your loved one or it is your pet. While total elimination of these particles is unrealistic but with preventive measures you can control the quantity of the particles present in your house.

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